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Locks a note or (more usually) an adornment to the Map to avoid being moved inadvertently.

Primarily used in Map view (indeed, intended primarily for adornments), if $Lock is true the note can be selected but not repositioned - i.e. $Xpos and$Ypos are locked. The map icon may still be resized. A note with $Lock set cannot be repositioned in other views, thus it for instance can't be drag-repositioned in Outline or other views. However, reflecting the fact $Lock is really designed for map use, the Note menu's Move Note Up/Down controls can be used to affect map icon stacking order though this does in fact change the note's $OutlineOrder value (and thus its Outline view position).

For new adornments, $Lock state (default: unlocked) can be set via a check-box 'Locked' that appears in the Create Adornment dialog. (Note that the similar dialog for notes and agents lacks such a tick-box).

The value of Lock may be changed via:

A drag (marquee) select in Map views ignores locked adornments.

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