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 Already in v5.0.0


Specifies whether the content of the note will export or not during export to HTML, either as a page or as an inclusion in a page.

This attribute is the setting for the 'Export' tick-box in the HTML page view. The default for pages is to Export (ticked) so this attribute's default, in keeping with its titling is false — i.e. avoiding a double negative "don't $HTMLDontExport".

Tinderbox doesn't ignore paths that include containers that are not exported. For example


…previously would have included nothing if documentation or details were had HTMLDontExport set to true, even if note had $HTMLDontExport set to false.

Tinderbox doesn't create links to notes whose $HTMLDontExport value is true. The same holds for links where any ancestor has $HTMLExportChildren set to false.

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